International Conference on

"Nanotechnology for Better Living" NBL-2019

From: 7-11 April, 2019



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Sponsored by TEQIP III, DRDO, DST New Delhi, Science & Technology Council J&K, JK Bank
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Dr. Rakesh Sehgal


NIT Srinagar ( ) and IIT Kharagpur ( is jointly organizing 5th Edition of “International Conference on Nanotechnology for Better Living NBL -2019" from 7-11 April, 2019 at NIT Srinagar, in association with many prestigious institutions. We cordially invite all the participants across the globe to attend this mega academic event.

NBL-2019 Conference covers wide range of topics in all areas of science, engineering and medicine with an aim to gather well known National & International scientists to share new knowledge, current breakthrough and discuss practical challenges in this interdisciplinary field. The goal is to present state-of-the-art research, recent achievements and global trends in nanoscience and nanotechnology, also to promote cross-disciplinary interactions that can spur the development of this exciting research field. Special emphasis will be placed on energy materials and applications, nano- biotechnology, health and environmental safety of nanomaterials and specific techniques to develop nano-devices.

Conference tutorials have been arranged for the participants and students registered for NBL-19. The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines. The conference will witness important presentations by the extensive range of eloquent speakers, policy makers and scientific leaders around the world who will assemble in Srinagar (Kashmir) with a common objective of making this world a better place by providing the solution to some of the problems?

The Conference host, NIT Srinagar is one of the leading institutions in north of the country, located at the bank of famous Dal Lake in Srinagar well known to the world as "Paradise" on the earth. We look forward to welcome many participants from in ICNBL-2019.


Prof. Pallab Banerji

Head of the Center

New paradigms are shrinking our world.  Innovations at the intersection of medicine, biotechnology, engineering, physical sciences and information technology are spurring new directions in R&D, commercialization and technology transfer.  The future of materials sciences is likely to continue in this interdisciplinary and interconnected manner. Surprisingly, materials reduced to the nanoscale shows different properties compared to what they exhibit on a macro-scale, enabling unique properties and applications. An important feature of this new technology- the nanotechnology is its ability to bridge the crucial dimensional gap between the atomic and molecular scale of fundamental sciences and the micro structural scale of engineering and manufacturing. Accordingly, a vast amount of true multidisciplinary fundamental knowledge is to be explored and linked. It will lead to a fantastic amount of new understanding as well as the fabrication of novel high technologies in many fields of applications from electronics to medicine.

Materials Science Center, has a distinct record of achievements in the field of teaching, training and research. It has always been active in establishing collaborative linkage with reputed industries, international academic institutions and with R & D organizations for achieving excellence. Having a proven and marvelous record of organizing mega academic events in past, IIT Kharagpur has decided to join hands with NIT Srinagar to organize the 5th Edition of International conference on, Nanotechnology for Better Living NBL 2019" in the world famous health resort, Kashmir from 7-11 April, 2019.

I am sure that this conference, 5th in series will give significant contribution to the achievements of scientific knowledge in the areas of nanomaterials and their applications in various sectors.

(Prof. P Banerji)


Dr. M.A.Shah

Special Center for Nanosciences

Nanotechnologies are regarded and acknowledged as a triumph of human ingenuity in modern times and this emerging field is leading to a technological revolution in the world. It is the next industrial revolution and almost all industries will be radically transformed soon and would directly benefit a common man when it comes to commercial use. It has already established a beachhead in the economy in various sectors.

Keeping in view its importance and realizing the need for stock of such developments, it was planned by the two prestigious institutions of the country to host an academic event on, "Nanotechnology for Better Living (NBL-2019)" from 7-11 April 2019 in Kashmir which is known for legendary beauty, historical health resort and world famous tourist destination. Its prime location and proximity to International Airport Srinagar naturally make it one of the choices for the selection of venue.

NBL-2019 is aimed to provide a platform for the genius scientists across the globe for stimulating deliberations which may culminate into collaborative research atmosphere mutually beneficial to all. These developments in turn will boost not only economic strength but also materialistic prosperity of the society and shall update the knowledge in the development of nanomaterials. An event of this magnitude will provide an ample opportunity for young students also to learn about new inventions in these areas. In addition, it will put the state of Jammu and Kashmir into scientific map of the world.

I am sure that the scientists will enjoy the pleasant weather, lush greenery and academic sessions in the lovely tourist place -The Paradise. I am further sure that this conference will give significant contribution to the achievements of scientific knowledge in the areas of nanomaterials and their applications in various sectors.

Firm to make the endeavor a grand success.


Nano Conference

NBL-19 will provide international forum for experts in academia, industry, and government to discuss their new ideas, research results, applications and experience on all aspects of Nanotechnology.

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